2019 – Application for Organizer Team Member


In the past, Women’s Health Conference has been managed by dedicated group volunteers that plan and organize all the details of the event. Planning starts months in advance with monthly or bi-weekly meetings and time allocated outside of meetings. We commit ourselves to be able to give attendees a fun day.

There are many roles, which means there’s a lot of opportunities to help and lead on a variety of initiatives. Some roles may be handled by more than one person so you are encouraged to apply to all roles that you think suit you best. You will be given guidance along the way by experienced volunteers who have done this in the past.

General requirements for all roles:

  • Reliable, self-driven, and motivated.
  • Ability to meet deadlines is crucial for a smooth planning process.
  • Working knowledge of Google Drive suite.
  • Time commitment of min 5 hours a week and 10-15 hours a week as we get closer to the event day.