In a culture where women are penalized or bombarded with guilt for self-promotion, it’s easy to take the defeatist approach and pursue other methods for success.

However, if you don’t rally for yourself, nobody else will.

Here are 4 tips to self-promote effectively:

  1. Own your accomplishments (you must be able to talk about what you are doing well to others. People will want to connect and learn more about you)
  2. Promote your updates selectively (update your social networking pages every few hours or day to remain consistent but not excessive. Lay out the facts and numbers rather than talk about how awesome you are)
  3. Personalize your message (reach out to a number of your followers or friends and explain what you’re up to. Thank those who congratulate you, respond to feedback, and get back to people promptly)
  4. Call on an outside source for help (find someone who is willing to give you a career boost. Ask one of your former colleagues or bosses to write you a recommendation on Linkedin)